4 April 2000

Have been upgrading my system for the past few days. I
got a nice new 20GB hard drive. When I was installed it,
everything was working fine, but part way through the
install of Red Hat the system would turn itself off.

While checking all the things I had changed, and trying
bios upgrades, I got to a stage where the system would turn
off as soon as you powered it up. I eventually worked out
that the power supply was pretty much dead (not overloaded
— I don’t have that much in my case), so I moved everything
into one of the spare boxes and everything (including the
new hard drive) works fine. The new case has three fans,
and is a bit noisy. I should probably unplug one of them
(they are all hooked up to the motherboard, so I wonder if
you can tell the motherboard to turn them off 🙂

I also turned on DMA for the hard drives and it makes a
big difference when compiling stuff. I am currently
upgrading things to a more usable state (ie. gnome stuff
with debugging info turned on).

I should put out a new pygtk and gnome-python. I will
switch them over to using CVS automake and libtool rather
than automake-1.4 + my patches. I put out a test release of
the ExtensionClass based pygtk on my ftp site. I really
like the new code, and it will be good to move the rest of
pygtk and gnome-python over to that codebase.