13 April 2000

That is annoying. If your browser has the diary page
cached, you will overwrite your last diary entry. The form
on the diary page has the entry number as a hidden

13 April 2000

I have been looking through what was installed when I did
the upgrade from RH6.1 to 6.2. It looks like it installed a
lot of kde stuff during the upgrade without asking (there
wasn’t any kde stuff before). A bit annoying, but not too
bad. What was annoying was when I tried to install a new
gnome-core RPM I had just built, and I get the following

/usr/share/gnome/apps/.directory from install of
gnome-core-1.1.8-20000413 conflicts with file from package

This seems fairly odd. Why would a file in
/usr/share/gnome/apps be part of kdebase? So I
decided to check what actually is in kdebase:

$ rpm -ql kdebase | grep gnome

On closer inspection, the file is a slightly
format from the one with gnome-core. Also, the one in the
kdebase RPM doen’t contain all the translations that are in
the gnome-core version.

Looking at the spec file for kdebase, the file
by whoever made the RPM. I think I will file a bug report
about this.

11 April 2000

There was another GNOME steering committee meeting last
night. This one was one hour earlier, which was unexpected
but nice (the last one started at midnight). This probably
had something to do with the daylight saving (something we
don’t have to worry about over in western australia, as it
confuses the cows (yes that was one of the reasons people
voted no in the referendum — the cows would get confused if
they were milked at a different time)).

Comitted a plugin manager dialog to dia. You can now
disable plugins if you want. It seems I got unsubscribed
from the dia mailing list, which is a pain. The list seemed
a bit quiet recently.

10 April 2000

Seven days till my birthday. I checked in the starts of
the new plugins API for dia. This code reduces the number
of entry points in a plugin to two. It should also allow me
to write a nice plugin manager dialog where you can turn off
loading of plugins if you want (this will be more important
as we get more heavy plugins such as the python plugin).

5 April 2000

Went to see Loon X-Wing (of Beaverloop fame)
playing at the uni at
lunch time yesterday.

Have been setting up my system with the new hard drive.
I almost have it to a working state and a delivery man gives
me RH6.2. I guess I will see what improvements have been

Noticed that a new version of gtkglarea was released in
february. This means that the gtkglarea wrapper in pygtk
should work with a released version of gtkglarea (there were
a few API changes a while back, but no released version
containing them).

The first Python
is out. It contains unicode support, which should
make integration with Pango/gtk+-1.4 very nice. The article about
Python 3000 was interesting. I wonder how much the
internals are going to change? Luckilly pygtk and
gnome-python mainly consist of generated code, so changing
the code generator will do the majority of the work
chainging over.