13 April 2000

I have been looking through what was installed when I did
the upgrade from RH6.1 to 6.2. It looks like it installed a
lot of kde stuff during the upgrade without asking (there
wasn’t any kde stuff before). A bit annoying, but not too
bad. What was annoying was when I tried to install a new
gnome-core RPM I had just built, and I get the following

/usr/share/gnome/apps/.directory from install of
gnome-core-1.1.8-20000413 conflicts with file from package

This seems fairly odd. Why would a file in
/usr/share/gnome/apps be part of kdebase? So I
decided to check what actually is in kdebase:

$ rpm -ql kdebase | grep gnome

On closer inspection, the file is a slightly
format from the one with gnome-core. Also, the one in the
kdebase RPM doen’t contain all the translations that are in
the gnome-core version.

Looking at the spec file for kdebase, the file
by whoever made the RPM. I think I will file a bug report
about this.