5 April 2000

Went to see Loon X-Wing (of Beaverloop fame)
playing at the uni at
lunch time yesterday.

Have been setting up my system with the new hard drive.
I almost have it to a working state and a delivery man gives
me RH6.2. I guess I will see what improvements have been

Noticed that a new version of gtkglarea was released in
february. This means that the gtkglarea wrapper in pygtk
should work with a released version of gtkglarea (there were
a few API changes a while back, but no released version
containing them).

The first Python
is out. It contains unicode support, which should
make integration with Pango/gtk+-1.4 very nice. The article about
Python 3000 was interesting. I wonder how much the
internals are going to change? Luckilly pygtk and
gnome-python mainly consist of generated code, so changing
the code generator will do the majority of the work
chainging over.