Daylight Saving in Western Australia

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Like a few other states, Western Australia does not do daylight saving. Recently the state parliament has been discussing a Daylight saving bill. The bill is now before the Legislative Council (the upper house). If the bill gets passed, there will be a 3 year trial followed by a referendum to see if we want to continue.

I hadn’t been paying too much attention to it, and had assumed they would be talking about starting the trial next year. But it seems they’re actually talking about starting it on 3rd December. So assuming the bill gets passed, there will be less than a month til it starts.

If it does get passed, then everyone will need to get time zone data updates for their computers (if they’re in WA, or communicate with people in WA). Curtains will fade! Cows will be confused! It will be chaos!

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  1. Jonathon

    As one who has had to deal with daylight saving time in the US, here are my observations:
    -there are little energy savings, if any
    -altering sleep patterns has ill effects on people
    -agricultural communities hate it

    If I were you, I would do a little research on the subject. If you end up comming to the same conclusions then by all means try to prevent your local bill from being passed.

  2. Anonymous

    Nowadays people consume more energy after work than in the morning. The savings are really dubious

  3. s cooper

    I have lived with day light savings most of my life.
    I have never had any problem with curtain fade , I think to use silly arguments like that one makes your whole argument seem ill informed and simply scared of change. I support both sides of the argument and can see the pros and cons of your side of the argument. all the best

  4. Lou De Vere

    I was delighted to hear the news on the radio the other day that daylight saving could soon (very soon!) be implemented in W.A. Two key advantages will be the chance to enjoy longer, brighter evenings. When you get home from work, you’ll be able to utilise natural light for longer and because of this, power wasted on artificial light will be reduced. The second important issue is that we will no longer have to be 3 hours behind the majority of the population in the eastern states during the summer. Everyone knows that the curtain fading problems, cows being confused over milking time issues and various other hilarious arguments are nonsense so let’s do it!

  5. Rebecca Hamilton

    How is the last three referendums to do with daylight savings were rejected, but this state will still go ahead with a trial of three years before asking the people what they want?

  6. Anonymous

    you are all losers

  7. ella

    it is very interesting to read your points of view. could you please send me some information on DLS for a school debate. I am against daylight savings in this topic,
    thank you,

  8. Geez

    This is ridiculous. I am so glad we are getting out of this backward state asap.

    Those of us who grew up in the “eastern states” as WA people so annoyingly call everyone but themselves, know that daylight saving is a great thing. This three hour difference in time is crazy.

  9. Lavadevil

    In repsonse to Geez, the three hour time difference is not crazy, it is what you expect living on completely different sides of a massive continent. It is basic mathematics and naive to suggest that the time difference can be changed simply by daylight savings. At some point we have to accept the basic nature of the world we live in which means that with changes in longitude come time differences. Its not like states choose to have different times on purpose!

    The “eastern states” moniker is a good way for WA people to payback some of the constant eastern states centric bias for everything and the attitude that nothing exists west of the Nullarbor!

  10. Mic

    To only give 2 weeks notice shows the WA government hasn’t done their research. All IT companies are going to be in a mad rush to update systems to handle WA DST. Most systems do not have any configuration to change to DST in WA meaning major changes have to be made that only a limited number of high level technical support people or software developers can do. Doing this in just 2 weeks is going to leave a lot of people with incorrect phone bills and other IT problems because many companies won’t be able to update their systems in time. 6 months notice would have been more appropriate.

  11. Dave Kennard

    The windows resource kit ( has a utility called TIMEZONE.EXE where you can setup a custom DST.

    Its only for windows but will do for most folks.

  12. Scottish_Down_Under

    Ach, guys…
    It’s only an hour, whether it means fabulous savings in electricity, easier communication with the rest of Oz, faded curtains or (God forbid!) confused cows it’s really as simple as giving everyone an extra 60 minutes to enjoy the beach / park / beer garden after a long day at work!
    Enjoy – you know it makes sense.
    PS Had to comment on some of the points – sorry!
    1. IT changes due to DST are bound to be minimal at best – although I do agree that simple software like phone time programs etc that won’t really be updated is a tad annoying…
    2. Time differences are dependant on longitude AND latitude – especially with Perth’s location in Australia.
    3. Backward State? Mineral and Oil/Gas capital of Australasia, not to mention some of the best damn wines in the world… (Oh, and Go Eagles!)
    4. There must be a real lack of tolerance in the USA? A 1 hour change has ill effects on peoples sleeping patterns? After the first day, surely no one notices it? Hmmm…

  13. Sue

    Hey at school i am having a debate about daylight saving and i am against it and i cant find and info on it
    can u plz send me some arguments

  14. Mike

    I agree with Lavadevil. It is completely logical why the south-eastern states have daylight savings, and the northern/western states don’t have it.

    Look at average amount of sunshine Australia gets daily –

    Sydney and Melbourne get an average of 7 HOURS per day during the summer months, while Perth gets an average of 9 HOURS per day! It’s obvious why they have it, but why do we need it? How much more “daylight hours” do you want?

    Sometimes I feel that people don’t think about these things too much… we’ll see how the referendum goes in 3 years time after people are sick of trying to get their kids inside and into bed when the sun is still up outside…

  15. stu

    the only real reason for daylight sving is to bring us in line with other states the problem with this is that it is actually a reason for ather sates to get rid of daylight savings

  16. Scottish_Down_Under

    Mike – come on now! It’s not changing the ‘number’ of daylight hours we have – it’s changing WHEN we have them…
    Daylight from 5am to 8pm is surely more intelligent than from 4am to 7pm?
    An hours difference isn’t going to make the sun stay out until 10pm or 11pm at night so parents ‘dragging’ kids indoors is hardlt going to be a big problem, eh?
    IT”S AN HOUR!!! That’s all! It brings us slightly more in line with the main cities of Melbourne and Sydney and it means we have more time in the evening to enjoy this beautiful State of ours…
    It’s in place now and in 3 years there’s no way that a referendum will result in it being gotten rid of…

  17. Anonymous

    This web site and those who posted comments have turn my aganist daylight savings compeltly!

  18. RK

    I think that what the point of all this if none of the pubic get there way.Who is this excatly going benfit over all? What I have been taught is don’t help peolpe unless they ask for it.Majority Rules hey!

  19. sassy

    why would curtains fade?

  20. John Tylar

    They give us no time and rush it in so they can have it as long as possible i think they should all go somewhere we they cant do this kind of damage i refuse to go ahead with it what will they do huh nothing they can do i am not changing my clocks

  21. JJ

    John Tylar you can keep your clocks as they are – see if anyone else cares. I won’t.

    Mike you miss the point. People in northern countries like most of Europe and the northern USA and Canada get over 15 hours of daylight in summer yet they still adjust for summer time. Try going there in summer and experience being able to sit in a beer garden in the light until 10 at night.

    Why do we need more light at night? Who is it going to benefit? Everyone who enjoys a bit of outdoor activity in the evenings that’s who. And if you don’t do that sort of stuff then what does it matter? Just get over it, it doesn’t actually affect you. How narrow minded to say that because you don’t benefit nobody should. The only group who I admit will miss out are those who like to surf or paddle on the river in the mornings who will now have an hour less to do it before work.

    And the people saying it will be hard for those with small kids are missing something. It’s still light now when I put my 2 young ones to bed so they won’t notice the difference. I will notice the difference when they wake up with the sun as they do and I’ve had an extra hour to sleep in the morning.

    Bring it on forever.

  22. me

    i think A three year trial will give wa a tast of daylight savings befor they critisize it.

    both sides will see all the pros and cons of daylight saving

  23. natasha

    i believe the 3 year trial is good because it will give us a feel of the situation.

    im for daylight saving because:
    save electricity,
    workers can have more time with there family and friends in the daylight,
    school starts and finishes earlier,
    can speak to friends longer who live over the state.

  24. michael

    Scottish_Down_Under said “as simple as giving everyone an extra 60 minutes to enjoy the beach / park / beer garden after a long day at work!”

    How many people work the number of hours they get paid for? How many don’t get overtime for those extra hours?

    Who’s to say the ‘Norm” will be to WORK that extra hour (paid or otherwise) because lets face it… its any extra hour we could all be at work being “productive”…

  25. Scottish_Down_Under

    Simon Shaw thinks we get TOO MUCH sunshine? Well, firstly moving the clocks will sadly not change that mate, and if you really do want to avoid sunny weather, I’d recommend Dundee, Scotland – you’ll love the grey skies, dour weather and you’ll fit in well with the locals…

  26. Martin

    Daylight savings is a good thing. We don’t get any more sunshine, just get the same amount at a better time of day. I don’t think people understand that not that much changes. Hopefully they’ll use their heads and get over their fear of change.

  27. serge

    hey umm what are the good and bad things about daylight savings! you waste time instead of saving it dont you?

  28. Ariaflame

    I grew up in Scotland so I have lived with Daylight Savings. I can’t remember loving it, but I can’t remember hating it either. The main problems that I have with the trial is the short notice. People plan ahead. Sometimes months ahead. And some of the events depend on sunset being at a particular time. Shift this and suddenly piles of already printed publicity has to be redone. Some events become unfeasibly late (Sunset cinema, star viewing nights, theatrical events)

    Teachers are upset because for at least a week the students will be walking home at one of the hottest times of the day.

    The heat will appear to last longer into the ‘night’ so more people will have their A/C on overnight. We’ve already had enough problems with overuse of power in summer.

    On the plus side I guess I’d be able to walk home from work more often. (Except that I’ll be working from home for an unrelated reason)

    I will watch the trial with interest, but am disappointed at the rushed introduction which argues political expediencies rather than the good of the state is the main objective.

  29. dufus

    I think DLS is just great. I mean who wouldn’t want an extra hour every day. Wow, just imagine, 25 hours every day to do all kinds of neat stuff you want – surfing, sleeping, whatever.

  30. Runamuk

    I’ve just updated all our computer systems with the new daylight savings information. Easy as. I think daylight savings is great, means I can actually do things after work. As for sending the kids to sleep when it’s still light outside, how do you think kids in places like London deal with it then? it stays light until about 9pm or so over there in summer. Also, people near the Artic Circle seem to be able to live with contstant daylight in summer…

  31. maria

    i cannot believe the crap I am reading. I grew up in Perth and did not have daylight saving, now living in Sydney for the past 11 years have lived with daylight saving, and to be honest cannot see what the problem is. I used to be offended when “eastern staters’ commented that people from WA were backward and small minded – now I see why !! Get with the programme – in a couple of days all you will notice is that there is more time at the end of the day to enjoy the day – are all WA people so opposed to moving with change ???? or just the ingrates on this site?
    Computers, cows , curtains????? doesn’t seem to have effected the rest of Australia.

  32. Bill Blogs

    Enjoyed reading some WAers enthusiasm and broad minded approach to DST. WA was (is?) one of the few industrialised areas of the world not to embrace DST.

    Having lived in various parts of the world, summer doesn’t feel summer without glorious long evenings and DST. In Perth people will be able to go to the beach after school/work. =)

  33. Bazzil

    To those who post (in favour of DLS) its just an extra hour, get over it. The same can be said by those of us against. The annoyance of having to participate in this, in order to come in line with the “Eastern States”, just to gain that extra hour outways any possible benifits.

    Power savings? Please, try leaving some lights off, get power saving light bulbs, or better still use some forethought.

    Need to communicate with someone not in your timezone? EXPECT it, and plan for it. What about people who work outside ALL the time? The people who get up when its dark, so they dont dehydrate, get skin cancer, and generally have a crap time of it at work, because they’re in 30-40 degree heat all day. I guess they’ll just have to get up at what “was” 2am, instead of 3am, to get their work done, without risking skin cancer.
    I can only see White collar benefits, and minimal ones at that. And i am white collar, I get home, Go for A Ride, A Swim, have one light on in my house to read, and im fine with that. We have more than enough daylight, dont like it? get up earlier yourself… leave the rest of us alone.

  34. mauvehaze

    Now it’s in effect just change your time zone to “Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo” and when it goes back in March change the time zone back to Perth. I don’t see the need to install Microsofts patch. Have they got an ‘uninstall’ the patch instructions? I can’t see my hubby being less tired after work to enjoy the extra hour of daylight after work. He will still nod off wherever he sits! I really can’t imagine him doing more around the home, like mowing the lawn, in that time either!!! Cheers 😉

  35. Scottish_Down_Under

    Man, I love the controversy and more, the sad comments that this issue has raised…
    It’s an hour, it’s ONLY an hour, it’s an hours sunlight we get at a time that MOST of WA can enjoy it instead of at 5am…
    It doesn’t matter that we’re an hour out of synch with Asia, now 9 hours out of synch with the UK or for that matter 14 – 17 hours out of synch from the U.S. The business world copes with this quite admirably elsewhere, I think WA can cope too.
    It’s a trial of a time system that works for 95% of the rest of the world, it’s a three year trial, and it’s in place. Accept it, move on, and don’t use 60 minutes of a time difference to explain how crap you feel etc.
    It’s not about 1 person who can’t face going to the beach after a big evening meal, or who thinks their kids have to be in bed by 7pm on the dot (?!?)
    It’s time to end this and think about something that’s actually important to the future of this great State like the water shortage we’re facing, the skilled workforce shortage in WA or the ridiculous housing prices… No?

  36. Mike

    Scottish_Down_Under said: “Mike – come on now! It’s not changing the ‘number’ of daylight hours we have – it’s changing WHEN we have them…”

    Mate, you missed my point… I wasn’t saying we’d have more “daylight” hours at all. I was merely pointing out why it makes sense for the likes of Sydney & Melbourne to have daylight savings because the sun isn’t up for as long as it is here.

    Anyway, I agree with about the fact that it’s pointless arguing so much about something that’s not really that important. Too bad the politicians can’t do that also and try and tackle something more important than rushing in daylight savings at the last minute to deflect attention from all their other screw ups… 😉

  37. Katarina

    did daylight saving hurt your head? What was the problem? Was it that you could not work out how to change the clock on the oven? Or possibly that the kids have the run of the house….what bed time but the sun is still up?
    It is all good – I haven’t really noticed the differance other than after dinner I still feel like going for a walk as I feel I still have time before it gets dark.
    I wonder though would daylight saving be better in Winter?

  38. Justine

    The argument for extra family hours is simply hogwash. Day light savings was purely implemented for business purposes. If it was for people as a whole then a referendum to see if we wanted a trial would have been performed. The worst factor is a government that thinks it can do what it likes (mind you this is the norm). I like day light savings but unfortunately cant yes vote otherwise it will give permission for the pollys to completely run amok.

  39. Robyn

    I Have lived in W.A. for the past 20 years but am from Sydney I am a Grandmother of 13 and I have missed my daylight saving I Love daylight saving No I do not get an extra hour in the day just the clock is adjusted so instead of sleeping till 7 and wasting all that daylight sleeping I am up at 7 (6 WST) and I love the extra daylight in the evening.. I have 4 children which I always managed to get to sleep during daylight savings over east, I read an article in the Sunday Times this week that makes me wonder about people.. QUOTE.. This State Goverment Has again shown that if something is not bolted down, it will tax it. Not happy with high Stamp-Duty taxes and double dipping with fuel tax, it has decided to take an hour off us and have the audcity to call it daylight saving, I am now wathching the shirt on my back…UNQUOTE
    with attitudes like this what hope have we

  40. yam

    Is there any point in having DST over the entire state? I imagine that in the tropical north of WA, there’s very little difference in daylight hours throughout the course of the year – compared with the more southerly latitudes.

    Wouldn’t putting the clocks forward in the north be purely for the sake of staying at the same time as the more populated south-west?

  41. John

    I lived in the eastern states (Sydney) for a number of years. I hated DST there and I hate it in Perth. I particularly object to the way that government is trying to establish DST by stealth without a referendum BEFORE the trial (what happened to democracy? Has it all been exported to Iraq?) after which, one can almost hear them saying in a patronising way “they will be used to it by then.” However, my main reason for posting this comment is to hopefully locate policical opposition to DST. Can anyone help with that?

  42. Russell Coker

    I think it would be best to abolish time zones and use UTC for the entire world. In Melbourne you would start work at 20:00 (in summer) while in Amsterdam you would start work at 1:00. Then there would be no confusion when arranging meetings and tele-conferences with people in other countries.

  43. Salvatore F Guarino

    It’s really a non issue. Most arguments against it are unfounded. Lots of people complain that they have to get up an hour earlier and so on. If the same person had to move to Sidney or New York would they still live by the clock in Perth? The reality is that they would adjust and get used to it and wouldn’t notice the change after a few days. Also after a three year trial they might even see its benifits and vote in a referendun in an unbiased way for or against

  44. daisy

    get over the cows! i’ve been talking to heaps of farmers and they don’t have a problem with it and it doesn’t affect the cows in any way!

  45. Simon Shaw

    The short notice given is a pain in the ass from an IT point of view.The power savings are negative. Everyone will go home and power up their home aircons for an hour longer.As pointed out, we already have tons of daylight in Perth in summer, (too much if you ask me).WA does a lot of business with Asia and South Africa, it will put us more out of synch with them, stuff the eastern states :)Lastly, we have had a referendum on average every 10 years on this subject, how many times do we have to say no???

  46. andrew.mollan

    can any one send me a bit of imformation agaist day light saving

  47. joe

    andrew mollan and todd caroll i have a good idea for you both reasons agianst day light savings are people need to get used to a different time and differnent sleeping patternsi hope its enough need more plzz ask

  48. Michael

    -I woke up feeling like shit. -Trading with ASIA (Was the same time zone as us) is now harder as we are out of line them. -Daylight savings was for farmers? Niga Pls. They should get up an hour earlier, Not the entire state. -The only things i have heard people say is that omg 1 hour more sun after work. Ok fair enough, BUT that is all i have heard. I mean comon. The sun fucking set just after 9. I have tea at 7/7:30, Im not in the mood to goto the beach after that. People who work in the sun all day, (IE brikies) Would they want to stay out for that extra time and goto the beach of would they rather go home to their nice cold air con’d house?? -The sun sets at 8 in summer anyway. Most people get off work at around about 5, So thats 3 hours to do what you want. Also kids are sposed to goto bed at 7, Arnt they. They dont understand why they have to goto bed so early and its daylight out side. -How is this going to save energy? If people are driving around more after work going places its going to use more energy correct? Also people who go home and find out how HOT it is, Turn the Air con on, Turn on the TV. Please, If anyone who wants daylight savings to stay, Please say somthing more than 1 extra hour to goto the beach once a month. I have about 1000 more responses.

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