Monthly Archives: August 2000

20 August 2000

GNOME: prostituting ourselves to big-money for the chance of being a media-recognized standard since 15th August, 2000

12 August 2000

I was looking at the coins problem. I can see a solution if you know the bad coin is heavier (or lighter — just s/heavier/lighter). Here is a solution for that: Split the coins into 3 groups of 4 coins. Put two of the groups on the balance. If they weigh the same, the third […]

8 August 2000

On IRC: <raph> UTF8 really is simple enough to do in your head <raph> assuming your brain has SHL and SHR instructions <jwz> you need help, raph The book I am tech reviewing must be almost finished.

7 August 2000

I released a new version of dia on sunday. Didn’t get everyone’s patches in, but I thought it was important to get another release out because of how long ago the previous release was. Of course, after doing the release someone finds an XIM bug, I notice that the SVG CR has been put out […]