Monthly Archives: November 2001

29 November 2001

Assuming that the initial count is correct, /me is on the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors! (as soon as the results are verified). As board members are evenly spaced around the globe (I am in +800, Telsa is in +100, many are in -500 and George is in -800), board meetings are going to be […]

27 November 2001

My arms are still a bit sore when I straighten them from the kneeboarding. I guess I need to get a bit more excercise. I was setting up an Adaptec 2400A RAID card today. It came with a bootable configuration CD, which was pretty convenient. I put it in the drive, and see a LILO […]

26 November 2001

Working at ActiveState was a lot of fun. It was interesting working on Komodo, and learning about the Mozilla code base. I got to feed the useful mozilla fixes back upstream that was good. I got bug 107651 – Handle multiple file drops on mozilla (gtk build) using the text/uri-list target into the 0.9.6 release […]