Monthly Archives: June 2002

28 June 2002

GNOME The 2.0 release has come and gone. It managed to take down widget (which serves, and Not being able to access my bugs was a bit of a pain. The new release looks very nice, and GTK 2.0 is a joy to program. I still need to finish off PyGTK 2.0 […]

17 June 2002

Work Last week, one of the servers died because one of the sticks of memory died. After pulling it out, the system booted fine. It would have been a lot easier to test if I didn’t have to open it up to plug a floppy drive in. I now have Memtest86 in the GRUB boot […]


Been playing with XSLT a bit recently. It is quite a nice transformation language. I have been porting the gtk-doc DocBook -> HTML conversion program to use xsltproc (with a customisation layer over Norman Walsh’s XSL stylesheets), rather than Jade (with a customisation layer over his DSSSL stylesheets). Took a little while to learn what […]