Monthly Archives: July 2002

29 July 2002 The call for papers is almost over. If you want to speak, please send in your abstracts soon. GNOME I started writing up some code to add RPM support to Nautilus. At the moment, I just have a simple GNOME VFS module that allows you to see what packages are on the system. You […]

17 July 2002

One of the annoying problems with libtool is the way the -export-symbols and -export-symbols-regex. The flags are supposed to limit which symbols in the library are available to programs that dynamically link to the library. Unfortunately, the feature is not implemented correctly for many platforms. Rather than leaving symbols out of the dynamic symbol table, […]

15 July 2002

sej: that sounds a lot more like the NPL than the MPL. The MPL does not give any special privileges to Netscape, the only mention of Netscape in the license is that they may publish new versions of the licence, similar to GPL. In fact, the license policy states that new original code should be […]

9 July 2002

Wrote a short Samba patch to fix up display of the print queue when using the version of LPRng that came with RH7.3 as a print spooler. One of the new features in that version of LPRng was that it leaves one or two jobs in the print queue marked as done (apparently this was […]

6 July 2002

tromey: I have found automake to be a very useful tool over the years, especially when you take its constraints into account (portable make, shell, etc). Within the GNOME community, my biggest problem has been having to explain myself every time I use a feature not found in 1.4. Many of the hackers are not […]