Monthly Archives: August 2002


Started working on the python bindings for gimp 1.3. It has been a long time since I had done much with that code (a lot of the code hadn’t been changed in 3 years), and it was a bit embarassing to see how bad some of it was … I now have it mostly working, […]

25 August 2002

Put out new releases of pygtk and gnome-python for GTK 1.2 and 2.0. The new releases support parallel install in the same installation of Python. The new pygtk-1.99.13 release also includes the patches necessary to build out of the box on windows. Also updated the generated pygtk documentation. This version includes the documentation for Boxed […]

6 August 2002

On Sunday, the white of my right eye was almost completely red, which was a bit of a shock. I went to the doctor on Monday, who didn’t know what the problem was exactly, so prescribed some prednisolone eye drops. They seem to be working okay, and the red has retreated to just one side […]

3 August 2002

Got the nautilus view up and running. A number of pictures of an early version are at: Information page Files page Provides and Requires page In the current version, provides and requires have been split onto separate pages (and I added conflicts and obsoletes), and they are only visible if there is anything to show. […]