Monthly Archives: September 2002

30 September 2002

PyORBit Started working on a new binding for ORBit2 about a week ago. The existing orbit-python port to ORBit2 is a little crufty, and doesn’t take advantage of the new features in ORBit2. So far things have looked fairly promising, but I have turned up a number of ORBit2 bugs related to the use of […]

7 September 2002

Egg Did a bit of work on EggToolbar and got it into a state where I could use it in EggMenu. Felt good to work on these, as they had been neglected for a while. The toolbar works quite well now, and I brought the merge code for toolbars in EggMenu into parity with the […]

4 September 2002

malcolm: I believe “en_SE” is the language code you are after, although google seems to use xx-bork.