Monthly Archives: March 2003

21 March 2003 Had a nice dinner with the other LCA2003 organisers. The proceedings CD took a bit longer to finalise than expected, but it is pretty much done now. XFree86 Some very weird stuff is happening in the XFree86 project at the moment. The characterisation of Keith Packard by some of the XFree board just doesn’t […]

16 March 2003

SpamAssassin/Mailman I recently upgraded the Mailman installation on the machine handling the pygtk mailing lists. I am now using Mailman 2.1.1, and so far it looks a lot nicer. I took the opportunity to update my SpamAssassin patches for the new Mailman (the old filter didn’t work anymore). I now have the code for talking […]

6 March 2003

Build Infrastructure Got approval and checked in my glib changes. I also have intltool modified po/‘s passing make distcheck with newer automakes, which should make upgrading other modules a lot easier. Talked to malcolm who has apparently been working on some docs for updating packages to newer versions of the build tools, so I won’t […]

Build Infrastructure

For the past few weeks, I have been working on improving the Gnome build infrastructure. It is something that we have needed to do for a long time. Most of Gnome is still using automake-1.4 because they rely on bugs that have since been fixed, and don’t handle the readonly sourcdir builds that “make distcheck” […]