Monthly Archives: March 2004


Made some changes to the way “jhbuild bootstrap” works. Whereas previously bootstrap would check to see if each required build tool was installed by the distro and only build the tools that were missing, it now builds all the tools. If you wish to use the build tools supplied by your distro, it is now […]


Did a little more hacking on my IPP client library, and wrote a small PyGTK program that lets you do simple management tasks (view all print queues/classes, view queued and completed jobs for printers, stop and start print queues, etc). If you want to try it out, grab and Put them in the […]


Out of curiosity, I decided to write a little IPP client library in Python. An in-progress version can be found here. In less than 500 lines of Python, I have an IPP message encoder/decoder, and some higher level classes to perform a few operations on printers and jobs. I’ve been able to successfully talk to […]