Monthly Archives: May 2004

20 May 2004

Mail Viruses The barrage of mail viruses and their side effects is getting quite annoying. In the past week, I’ve had a mailing list subscriptions disabled twice. After looking at the mailing list archive, it was pretty obvious why. The mail server that serves my account is set up to reject windows executables a […]


Started playing with nxml-mode, which makes editing XML much nicer in emacs (psgml-1.3 does an okay job, but the indenter and tag closer sometimes get confused by empty elements). There is a nice article about nxml-mode on xmlhack which gives an introduction to the mode. The first thing that struck me about nxml in comparison […]

Greg Egan on Asylum Seekers

An interesting essay on asylum seekers by Greg Egan (a local Science Fiction author). If you are interested in the subject, Dark Victory is also worth reading.