Monthly Archives: September 2004

29 September 2004

Ubuntu Ubuntu seems to have taken off very quickly since the preview release came out a few weeks ago. In general, people seem to like the small tweaks we’ve made to the default Gnome install. Of course, after the preview came out people found bugs in some of my Gnome patches … One of the […]

Applets vs. Notification Icons

It seems that a lot of people get confused by what things on the panel should be applets and what should be notification icons. Originally, the main difference between the two was this: The lifecycle of an applet is managed by the panel, which in turn is tied to the lifecycle of the session. So […]

Notification Icons

I decided to go ahead and write the code to allow Zenity to listen for commands on stdin. It was pretty easy to add, and Glynn accepted the patch so it is in the latest CVS version. The main difference between the implementation and what I described earlier is that you need to pass the […]

14 September 2004

Foundation Elections (continued) bolsh: as I said, many real elections make modifications to an idealised STV system to simplify vote counting. The counting for the .au senate elections sounds like it takes a random sample of votes when transfering preferences too. Also, in my description a candidate needed to get more votes than the quota […]

13 September 2004

Foundation Elections There has been talk on the foundation list about changing the vote counting procedure to something more fair. The method being proposed is Single Transferable Vote, which is the same system used within a single electorate for the senate vote in the Australian Federal Election. As with the Australian elections, some people have […]

6 September 2004 The LCA2004 team have put together the conference CD and DVD. Apparently they will arrive in the mail in about a week. They put the CD contents on the web first, and I was a bit disappointed that the recording of my talk was missing (it does include my slides though). However, when they […]