Monthly Archives: January 2005

Bush fire

When I woke up this morning, there was a lot of smoke in the air from the bush fire up in the hills east of Perth. The smoke is so thick that some buildings less than a kilometer away are only just visible. Also, sunlight filtering through the smoke gives everything a yellow tinge. It […]


On the gtk-doc-list mailing list, Matthias mentioned that the GraphViz license has been changed to the CPL (the same license as used for Eclipse), which is considered Free by both the FSF and OSI (although still GPL incompatible). This should remove the barriers that prevented it getting packaged by Linux distributions. Due to the previous […]

6 January 2005

Travels I’ve put some of the photos from my trip to MatarĂ³, and the short stop over in Japan on the way back. The MatarĂ³ set includes a fair number taken around La Sagrida Familia, and the Japan set is mostly of things around the Naritasan temple (I didn’t have enough time to get into […]