Monthly Archives: June 2005

HTTP code in GWeather

One of the things that pisses me off about gweather is that it occasionally hangs and stops updating. It is a bit easier to tell when this has occurred these days, since it is quite obvious something’s wrong if gweather thinks it is night time when it clearly isn’t. The current code uses gnome-vfs, which […]

Overriding Class Methods in Python

One of the features added back in Python 2.2 was class methods. These differ from traditional methods in the following ways: They can be called on both the class itself and instances of the class. Rather than binding to an instance, they bind to the class. This means that the first argument passed to the […]

pkg-config patches

I uploaded a few patches to the pkg-config bugzilla recently, which will hopefully make their way into the next release. The first is related to bug 3097, which has to do with the broken dependent library elimination code added to 0.17. The patch adds a Requires.private field to .pc files that contains a list of […]

Clipboard Handling

Phillip: your idea about direct client to client clipboard transfers is doable with the current X11 clipboard model: Clipboard owner advertises that it can convert selection to some special target type such as “client-to-client-transfer” or similar. If the pasting client supports client to client transfer, it can check the list of supported targets for the […]

Anonymous voting

I put up a proposal for implementing anonymous voting for the foundation elections on the wiki. This is based in part on David’s earlier proposal, but simplifies some things based on the discussion on the list and fleshes out the implementation a bit more. It doesn’t really add to the security of the elections process […]