Monthly Archives: October 2005

Ubuntu Below Zero

I’ve been in Montreal since Wednesday for Ubuntu Below Zero. As well as being my first time in Canada, it was my first time in transit through the USA. Unlike in most countries, I needed to pass through customs and get a visa waiver even though I was in transit. The visa waiver form had […]

DSB-R100 USB Radio Tuner

Picked up a DSB-R100 USB Radio tuner off EBay recently. I did this partly because I have better speakers on my computer than on the radio in that room, and partly because I wanted to play around with timed recordings. Setting it up was trivial — the dsbr100 driver got loaded automatically, and a program […]

License Proliferation

Glynn: you say that the CDDL is just an attempt to stop the proliferation of software licenses, yet the end result appears to be yet another license. I realise that many of the changes in the CDDL with respect to the MPL make sense (e.g. not fixing choice of legal jurisdiction into the license), but […]