Monthly Archives: February 2006

Launchpad featured on ELER

Launchpad got a mention in the latest Everybody Loves Eric Raymond comic. It is full of inaccuracies though — we use XML-RPC rather than SOAP.

Using Tailor to Convert a Gnome CVS Module

In my previous post, I mentioned using Tailor to import jhbuild into a Bazaar-NG branch. In case anyone else is interested in doing the same, here are the steps I used: 1. Install the tools First create a working directory to perform the import, and set up tailor. I currently use the nightly snapshots of […]

Revision Control Migration and History Corruption

As most people probably know, the Gnome project is planning a migration to Subversion. In contrast, I’ve decided to move development of jhbuild over to bzr. This decision is a bit easier for me than for other Gnome modules because: No need to coordinate with GDP or GTP, since I maintain the docs and there […]