Monthly Archives: March 2006

Re: Lazy loading

Emmanuel: if you are using a language like Python, you can let the language keep track of your state machine for something like that: def load_items(treeview, liststore, items): for obj in items: liststore.append((obj.get_foo(), obj.get_bar(), obj.get_baz())) yield True treeview.set_model(liststore) yield False def lazy_load_items(treeview, liststore, items): gobject.idle_add(load_items(treeview, liststore, item).next) Here, load_items() is a generator that will iterate […]

pygpgme 0.1 released

Back in January I started working on a new Python wrapper for the GPGME library. I recently put out the first release: This library allows you to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify messages in the OpenPGP format, using gpg as the backend. In general, it stays fairly close to the C API with the […]


I’ve been in London for a bit over a week now at the Launchpad sprint. We’ve been staying in a hotel near the Excel exhibition centre in Docklands, which has a nice view of the docs and you can see the planes landing at the airport out the windows of the conference rooms. I met […]

Gnome Logo on Slashdot

Recently, Jeff brought up the issue of the use of the old Gnome logo on Slashdot. The reasoning being that since we decided to switch to the new logo as our mark back in 2002, it would be nice if they used that mark to represent stories about us. Unfortunately this request was shot down […]

Gnome-gpg 0.4.0 Released

I put out a new release of gnome-gpg containing the fixes I mentioned previously. The internal changes are fairly extensive, but the user interface remains pretty much the same. The main differences are: If you enter an incorrect passphrase, the password prompt will be displayed again, the same as when gpg is invoked normally. If […]