Monthly Archives: April 2006

New Default Branch Format in Bzr

One of the new features in the soon to be released bzr 0.8 is the new “knit” storage format. When comparing the size of the repository data for jhbuild with “knit” and “metadir” formats (metadir is just the old storage format with repository, branch and checkout bookkeeping separated), I see the following: metadir knit Size […]

Repositories in Bzr

One of the new features comming up in the next release of bzr is support for shared repositories. This provides a way to reduce disk space needed to store multiple related branches. To understand how repositories work, it helps to know a bit about how branches are stored by bzr. There are three concepts that […]

intltool and po/LINGUAS

Rodney: my suggestions for intltool were not intended as an attack. I just don’t really see much benefit in intltool providing its own po/ file. The primary difference between the intltool po/ and the version provided by gettext or glib is that it calls intltool-update rather than xgettext to update the PO template, so that […]


One issue that was meantioned as a Gnome Goal was to switch packages to use a po/LINGUAS file. The idea makes sense — translators only need to edit a simple text file to add a new translation to an application, rather than having to modify the file without breaking things. Unfortunately, the suggested way […]


I’ve been testing out Ekiga recently, and so far the experience has been a bit hit and miss. Firewall traversal has been unreliable. Some numbers (like the SIPPhone echo test) work great. In some cases, no traffic has gotten through (where both parties were behind Linux firewalls). In other cases, voice gets through in one […]

Firefox Ligature Bug Followup

Thought I’d post a followup on my previous post since it generated a bit of interest. First a quick summary: It is not an Ubuntu Dapper specific bug. With the appropriate combination of fonts and pango versions, it will exhibit itself on other Pango-enabled Firefox builds (it was verified on the Fedora build too). It […]

Annoying Firefox Bug

Ran into an annoying Firefox bug after upgrading to Ubuntu Dapper. It seems to affect rendering of ligatures. At this point, I am not sure if it is an Ubuntu specific bug. The current conditions I know of to trigger the bug are: Firefox 1.5 (I am using the 1.5.dfsg+ package). Pango rendering enabled (the […]