Monthly Archives: June 2006

Hosting bzr branches on Launchpad

Have you wanted to play around with bzr but had nowhere to share your branches? You can now publish them through Launchpad. David Allouche provides the details. In short, you can upload branches to s, and they will be published on

Vote Counting and Board Expansion

Recently one of the Gnome Foundation directors quit, and there has been a proposal to expand the board by 2 members. In both cases, the proposed new members have been taken from the list of candidates who did not get seats in the last election from highest vote getter down. While at first this sounds […]

JHBuild Updates

The progress on JHBuild has continued (although I haven’t done much in the last week or so). Frederic Peters of JhAutobuild fame now has a CVS account to maintain the client portion of that project in tree. Perl Modules (#342638) One of the other things that Frederic has been working on is support for building […]