Monthly Archives: October 2006

Building obex-method

I published a Bazaar branch of the Nautilus obex method here: This version works with the hcid daemon included with Ubuntu Edgy, rather than requiring the btcond daemon from Maemo. Some simple instructions on building it: Download and build the osso-gwobex library: svn checkout osso-gwobex The debian/ directory should work fine to build […]

Playing Around With the Bluez D-BUS Interface

In my previous entry about using the Maemo obex-module on the desktop, Johan Hedberg mentioned that bluez-utils 3.7 included equivalent interfaces to the osso-gwconnect daemon used by the method. Since then, the copy of bluez-utils in Edgy has been updated to 3.7, and the necessary interfaces are enabled in hcid by default. Before trying to […]

bzr branch

One of the things we’ve been working on for Launchpad is good integration with Bazaar. Launchpad provides a way to register or host Bazaar branches, and nominate a Bazaar branch as representing a particular product series. For each registered branch, there is a branch information page. This leads to a bit of confusion since Bazaar […]

OBEX in Nautilus

When I got my new laptop, one of the features it had that my previous one didn’t was Bluetooth support. There are a few Bluetooth related utilities for Gnome that let you send and receive SMS messages and a few other things, but a big missing feature is the ability to transfer files to and […]