Monthly Archives: December 2006

Python time.timezone / time.altzone edge case

While browsing the log of one of my Bazaar branches, I noticed that the commit messages were being recorded as occurring in the +0800 time zone even though WA switched over to daylight savings. Bazaar stores commit dates as a standard UNIX seconds since epoch value and a time zone offset in seconds. So the […]

Recovering a Branch From a Bazaar Repository

In my previous entry, I mentioned that Andrew was actually publishing the contents of all his Bazaar branches with his rsync script, even though he was only advertising a single branch. Yesterday I had a need to actually do this, so I thought I’d detail how to do it. As a refresher, a Bazaar repository […]

Re: Pushing a bzr branch with rsync

This article responds to some of the points in Andrew’s post about Pushing a bzr branch with rsync. bzr rspush and shared repositories First of all, to understand why bzr rspush refuses to operate on a non-standalone branch, it is worth looking at what it does: Download the revision history of the remote branch, and […]

Chilli Beer

Got around to tasting the latest batch of home-brew beer recently: a chilli beer. It came out very nicely: very refreshing but with a chilli aftertaste in the back of your throat. You can definitely taste the chilli after drinking a pint . I used a beer kit as a base, since I haven’t yet […]


Daylight saving started yesterday: the first time since 1991/1992 summer for Western Australia. The legislation finally passed the upper house on 21st November (12 days before the transition date). The updated tzdata packages were released on 27th November (6 days before the transition). So far, there hasn’t been an updated package released for Ubuntu (see […]