Monthly Archives: November 2007

Inkscape Migrated to Launchpad

Yesterday I performed the migration of Inkscape‘s bugs from to Launchpad. This was a full import of all their historic bug data – about 6900 bugs. As the import only had access to the SF user names for bug reporters, commenters and assignees, it was not possible to link them up to existing Launchpad […]

OpenID Attribute Exchange

In my previous article on OpenID 2.0, I mentioned the new Attribute Exchange extension. To me this is one of the more interesting benefits of moving to OpenID 2.0, so it deserves a more in depth look. As mentioned previously, the extension is a way of transferring information about the user between the OpenID provider […]

Weird GNOME Power Manager error message

Since upgrading to Ubuntu Gutsy I’ve occasionally been seeing the following notification from GNOME Power Manager: I’d usually trigger this error by unplugging the AC adapter and then picking suspend from GPM’s left click menu. My first thought on seeing this was “What’s a policy timeout, and why is it not valid?” followed by “I […]

Identifier Reuse in OpenID 2.0

One of the issues that the OpenID 1.1 specification did not cover is the fact that an identity URL may not remain the property of a user over time. For large OpenID providers there are two cases they may run into: A user with a popular user name stops using the service, and they want […]