Monthly Archives: December 2007

Allocated Seating at Greater Union

On the weekend, I had my first encounter with allocated seating at the Greater Union Innaloo cinemas. As usual, we’d bought tickets separately. It wasn’t until going in to the actual cinema that a staff member said that we were expected to sit in seats scattered around the cinema (one of which was on the […]

urlparse considered harmful

Over the weekend, I spent a number of hours tracking down a bug caused by the cache in the Python urlparse module. The problem has already been reported as Python bug 1313119, but has not been fixed yet. First a bit of background. The urlparse module does what you’d expect and parses a URL into […]

OpenID 2.0 Specification Approved

It looks like the OpenID Authentication 2.0 specification has finally been released, along with OpenID Attribute Exchange 1.0. While there are some questionable features in the new specification (namely XRIs), it seems like a worthwhile improvement over the previous specification. It will be interesting to see how quickly the new specification gains adoption. While this […]

States in Version Control Systems

Elijah has been writing an interesting series of articles comparing different version control systems. While the previous articles have been very informative, I think the latest one was a bit muddled. What follows is an expanded version of my comment on that article. Elijah starts by making an analogy between text editors and version control […]