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–create-prefix not needed with bazaar.launchpad.net

When outlining the use of team branches on Launchpad previously, I used the –create-prefix option when pushing the branch to sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net. This was to make sure the initial push would succeed, even if the /~username/product directory the branch would be created in didn’t exist. To simplify things for users, we made a change to the […]

Gnome-gpg 0.5.0 Released

Over the weekend, I released gnome-gpg 0.5.0. The main features in this release is support for running without gnome-keyring-daemon (of course, you can’t save the passphrase in this mode), and to use the same keyring item name for the passphrase as Seahorse. The release can be downloaded here: http://download.gnome.org/sources/gnome-gpg/0.5/ I also switched over from Arch […]

Shared Branches using Bazaar and Launchpad

Earlier, David Allouche described how to host Bazaar branches on Launchpad. At the end, he alluded to the ability to create branches that can be committed to by anyone on a team. I’ll describe how this works here. Launchpad Teams Launchpad allows people to organise themseleves into teams. Most of the things people can do […]

Hosting bzr branches on Launchpad

Have you wanted to play around with bzr but had nowhere to share your branches? You can now publish them through Launchpad. David Allouche provides the details. In short, you can upload branches to sftp://bazaar.launchpad.net/, and they will be published on http://bazaar.launchpad.net/.

JHBuild Improvements

I’ve been doing most JHBuild development in my bzr branch recently. If you have bzr 0.8rc1 installed, you can grab it here: bzr branch http://www.gnome.org/~jamesh/bzr/jhbuild/jhbuild.dev I’ve been keeping a regular CVS import going at http://www.gnome.org/~jamesh/bzr/jhbuild/jhbuild.cvs using Tailor, so changes people make to module sets in CVS make there way into the bzr branch. I’ve used […]

New Default Branch Format in Bzr

One of the new features in the soon to be released bzr 0.8 is the new “knit” storage format. When comparing the size of the repository data for jhbuild with “knit” and “metadir” formats (metadir is just the old storage format with repository, branch and checkout bookkeeping separated), I see the following: metadir knit Size […]

Repositories in Bzr

One of the new features comming up in the next release of bzr is support for shared repositories. This provides a way to reduce disk space needed to store multiple related branches. To understand how repositories work, it helps to know a bit about how branches are stored by bzr. There are three concepts that […]

Using Tailor to Convert a Gnome CVS Module

In my previous post, I mentioned using Tailor to import jhbuild into a Bazaar-NG branch. In case anyone else is interested in doing the same, here are the steps I used: 1. Install the tools First create a working directory to perform the import, and set up tailor. I currently use the nightly snapshots of […]

Revision Control Migration and History Corruption

As most people probably know, the Gnome project is planning a migration to Subversion. In contrast, I’ve decided to move development of jhbuild over to bzr. This decision is a bit easier for me than for other Gnome modules because: No need to coordinate with GDP or GTP, since I maintain the docs and there […]

OpenSSH support in bzr

I updated my bzr openssh plugin to be a proper patch against bzr.dev, and got it merged. So if you have bzr-openssh-sftp.py in your ~/.bazaar/plugins directory, you should remove it when upgrading. Unfortunately there was a small problem resolving a conflict when merging it, which causes the path to get mangled a little inside _sftp_connect(). […]