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2016: Music.

That annual list of awkward incomplete pop music preferences: Stuff I listened to a lot in the last 12 months (and which did not necessarily get released in 2016). When it comes to concerts: Supersilent left me without words. In … Continue reading

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2016 snapshots.

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Code review in open source projects: Influential factors and actions

Coming from “Prioritizing volunteer contributions in free software development”, the Wikimedia Foundation allowed me to spend time on research about code review (CR) earlier in 2016. The theses and bullet points below incorporate random literature and comments from numerous people. … Continue reading

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Restricting cookies vs. using Google Hangouts

No idea if this is useful to anyone but it was an interesting exercise. By default I have disabled storing cookies in my main web browser. I have a custom list of specific web sites that I allow to set … Continue reading

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Rewriting code review documentation, on paper.

At Wikimedia, for the last months I’ve been on and off rewriting our on-wiki technical Gerrit/Git/Code Review documentation. Code review related documentation That included improving the onboarding steps like setting up Git and Gerrit (related task; 135 edits), the contribution … Continue reading

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GUADEC 2016.

Filthy attempts on the unconference session scheduling whiteboard by so-called “friends” trying to trick me into literally ‘something’. They won’t succeed. #makeandrenevertalkagain #noicecreamleftbehind

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Middle East In late March 2016, I attended some Wikimedia gatherings in the Middle East: The WikiArabia conference in Amman (Jordan), a Technical Meetup in Ramallah (Palestinian territories), and the Wikimedia Hackathon in Jerusalem (Israel). I gave an introduction to … Continue reading

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War Porn.

Sometimes, when some individual, group, institution publishes, releases, leaks a cruel video of this planet’s conflicts, media decide not to show it or only show a (edited) screenshot. I usually end up trying to find the uncut video on the … Continue reading

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Wikimedia in Google Code-in 2015

Google Code-in 2015 is over. As a co-admin and mentor for Wikimedia (one of the 14 organizations who took part and provided mentors and tasks) I can say it’s been crazy as usual. :) To list some of the students’ … Continue reading

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2015: Music.

Publishing my usual list of awkward and never complete pop music preferences of 2015. Grimes’ “Art Angels” is probably my favorite album of 2015. Halsey’s “Badlands” debut and the latest releases by Purity Ring and Chvrches came close. In general … Continue reading

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