Refreshed Search

Builder got a refreshed search popover. It’s not even a GtkPopover anymore and instead uses AdwDialog.

You can use some of the typical “prefixes” to filter search results or do nothing and get everything mixed together.

A screenshot of the search popover displaying a list of filters such as @ to display symbols or ~ to filter only filenames.

For example, prefix the search with @ to limit the results to indexed symbol names. Quick preview is still presented side-by-side.

A popover is displayed filtering results to symbols using the @ prefix.

You can also search for documentation now if jumping to the search panel is too much work. Just prefix with ? and you’re ready to go.

The search popover displaying a list of documentation options from DexFuture.

Sometimes it can be handy to run various build actions using the search popover as well. Many of the menu items are searchable. Just prefix the search query with >.

The search popover showing a number of menu items and their action description along with associated keyboard shortcuts.