Podman Support in Builder

For years now, Builder has had rich abstractions for containers built right into the core of the IDE. Builder even knows the difference between build and runtime containers which naturally maps with Flatpak SDKs like org.gnome.Sdk vs org.gnome.Platform. With the advent of operating systems focused on immutability, like Fedora Silverblue, developers are going to be … Continue reading Podman Support in Builder

Builder 3.30

Now that org.gnome.Sdk//3.30 has gone gold, you can get Builder from Flathub. I expect those that have not been using Nightly for the past few months will be pleasantly surprised at the improvements.

Builder Session Restore

People have asked for more advanced session restore for quite some time, and now Builder can do it. Builder will now restore your previous session, and in particular, horizontal and vertical splits. Like previously, you can disable session restore in preferences if that’s not your jam. You can write plugins which hook into session save/restore … Continue reading Builder Session Restore