5 November 2003

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Mark: the support for building the freedesktop.org X server hasn’t been there for a while. It was just added yesterday by Johan Dahlin.

If anyone else is interested in building some of the stuff in freedesktop.org CVS using jhbuild, I wrote some instructions and put them in the wiki.

28 April 2003

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Red Hat 9

Installed it on a few boxes, and I like what I see so far. The Bluecurve mouse cursors look really nice. It is also good to see some more of my packages included in the distro (fontilus and pyorbit).


Some spammer has been sending mail with random @daa.com.au addresses in the From: field. So far, I have received lots of double bounces, a few messages asking if we know about the spam, and many automated responses (some saying the message came from a blocked domain!). The Received headers indicate that the mail comes from somewhere else, so there isn’t much I can do. I hate spammers.

I put up a bit of documentation on the SpamAssassin/Mailman setup I developed on my website. It would be good to get mail.gnome.org switched over to the new setup (they are using an older version of my filter), as it has greatly reduced the amount of moderation required.


Did a bit more hacking on jhbuild. It now builds fontconfig and Xft from CVS, which should give Keith a few more testers. I had to update jhbuild to use libtool-1.5 as it was required to build them. This has uncovered a few bugs in various autogen.sh scripts that still need to be fixed. I also added the ability to override the cvsroots used to check things out (so if you have an account capable of writing to gstreamer from cvs, you can use it), and change the branches for individual modules which should be useful for module maintainers.


I am about half way through modifying libglade to construct arbitrary GObjects, rather than just widgets. When this is finished, it will allow eg. setting up tree view columns in the .glade file, size groups and a few other things. The change will break compatibility for backend modules, but should keep binary compatibility for apps. This seems okay given that there are only about 3-4 backend modules in existance (which add support for libgnomeui widgets, gnome-canvas and libbonoboui widgets).

5 May 2002

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Started another batch of beer yesterday. This time I
mixed in a kilogram of honey (replacing some of the sugar),
so it will be interesting to see how this turns out. The
bubbles coming out of the airlock smell fairly different, so
it will hopefully go okay.

Merged some patches from various people into my jhbuild
build scripts over the weekend. Thanks to jdahlin, it now
has support for getting things from other CVS trees. At the
moment, we have rules for thinice2, gstreamer and mrproject
using this feature.