GemCraft 2 – Chapter 0

*Yay*! Armor Games released Gem Craft 2 – Chapter 0! I absolutely loved Gem Craft 1 and I couldn’t wait for the next round of that fabulous game. I don’t do much games on my computer in general as I have much better things to do, but I couldn’t stop playing Gem Craft.

It’s a fantastic Tower Defence with nice sounds, graphics and an amazingly entertaining gameplay. The major drawback is, that it’s flash based :( (I wonder whether one could make swfdec to save the state of a flash game, like a virtual machine in QEmu…) I haven’t tried the new game extensively yet, but I’m sure that this game will cost me the next weekends ;-)

If you like Tower Defence games, you’ve got to try CreepSmash as well. It’s an open and free multiplayer Tower Defence written in Java. It lacks nice graphics and sounds (and security ;-) ) but it’s definitely amusing to plan and play against other (real) player.

Happy playing!

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  1. I just beat gemcraft 2- chapter zero. I liked it better than the first one, which is saying alot. I has a really high replay value to. After you beat it, it unlocks another mode and you can keep playing. Gemcraft 2 is the greatest flash game ever.

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