Taking the IELTS

As I said some time ago, I had to do an IELTS test in order to apply at the DCU. I do already have kind of a language test which I made for the DAAD, but it’s not good enough for the DCU… So I bit the bullet and paid the Euros to take the IELTS.

I decided to go for IELTS, instead for the TOEFL, because I was told that it’s friendlier and even more comfortable to do. The TOEFL seems to be a computer based test which can be very annoying.

The IELTS was held in a friendly but formal atmosphere. Everything, and I mean everything, had a rule you and the supervisors had to stick to. I wasn’t even allowed to take my keys inside the examination room.  Not to mention my wallet.

The test itself went pretty well, especially the listening and reading part. I didn’t manage to perform equally well on the writing part. These tests took a couple of hours and I was pretty happy to get some fresh air afterwards. I had three hours sparetime before the speaking test should begin. Actually, I was really nervous. I don’t know why, because there was nothing I should be afraid of. I mean, even if I failed pretty hard, I always could redo the test. At least, I managed to speak and the results are not that bad.

So I a better result than I actually needed 🙂 One step closer to my application at the DCU.

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