jOEpardy released as Free Software

As mentioned in an earlier post, I was investigating the possibility to set jOEpardy free. It’s a Java program that let’s you hold a Jeopardy session based on a XML file. It has been used quite a few times and is pretty stable. A boatload of credits go to Triphoenix, who coded an awful lot without very much time, probably lacking sleep or coffee or even both. Thanks.

So to make the announcement: jOEpardy is GPLv3+ software (*yay*) and you can download the code via Mercurial here: I don’t intend to make tarball or binary releases as I (at your option) either don’t have the time or simply don’t see a need.

But to actually use it, you want to have some buzzers. You could play it with a regular keyboard though. At the end of the day, you need to generate a keycodes for a “1”, a “2”, a “3” or a “4”. If you’re nerdy enough, you can get yourself an emergency button in the next hardware store and solder some tiny serial logic to it. Then you could read that serial signal and convert to X events via xtest.

You’ll figure smth out 😉

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