Got Linux? Trade MP3s for chocolate :)

If you happen to live in Germany and incidentally like chocolaty things, you might already have seen that you are eligible to download 20 MP3 files, with every bigpack Hanuta you buy. At least that’s what the ads say.

You are supposed to visit which doesn’t even run properly in my browser. It demands JavaScript, but even if you allow JavaScript for three domains, it wants to run a flash file… After managing that, I was  supposed to download and execute a strange Win32 binary. I was fed up and I searched for a contact address. I didn’t succeed in first place, but as I know that Hanuta is made by Ferero, I searched their website. The webform didn’t accept my email address because it thinks that “+” is an illegal character for email addresses *sigh*.

So I wrote that I assumed I could download MP3s somewhere but it’s not possible because they only offer a strange smelling binary and how I could get my music now. Of course they have to give it to me because they advertised it and didn’t say what is needed to get them.

After a few days, a nice woman called me and was very sorry that this MP3 thing doesn’t run with Linux and next time they’ll look after it and she was again very sorry. Then she offered me a chocolate package as kind of a refund ^^ Of couse I didn’t say no *yummie*

So, if you got this Linux thing and want some chocolate, go out and buy these Hanuta packs and complain to Ferero 😉 It’ll also help to bring Linux to the peoples mind.

Ferero Box

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