Subverting (Soft) Quota

My home directory  in my university has some restrictions, one of them being a ridiculously small 100 megabyte and 5000 files (soft) quota… How could you ever study with that?! My Firefox instance (with e.g. Zotero) uses 4393 files already:

$ find  ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/ -type f | wc -l
$ du -hs ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/  | awk '{print $1}'

So these restrictions don’t even allow me to run my research tools. Let alone checking out stuff from a Git/Mercurial repository and working on anything.

Needless to say that I am pretty annoyed by these restrictions. Fortunately, quotas will forget about you as soon as you fall below the limit so that you only need to fall below the limit every now and then. So let’s do this automatically then:

cp -ar "$BACKUP" "$TARGET" && rm -rf "$BACKUP" && cp -ar "$TARGET" "$BACKUP" && rm -rf "$TARGET" && echo "Finished successfully" || echo "Failure :("

And let cron run it once a week:

42 23 * * Sun       ~/bin/


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