Got a N900 *yay*

A while back, during, I participated at a Maemo “hacking” contents. The goal was to produce something valuable for Maemo and get a N900 in return. I basically ported Gajim to the N900 and, drumroll, I won! *yay*

Unfortunately, it took them a while to ship that thing so that I received it half a year later or so. But then it was amazingly fast. I received a parcel from Helsinki (2031km far away) which was sent 20hrs earlier. The parcel thus was traveling at ~100km/h. Great service, DHL! Thanks a million Nokia, Thanks Maemo Bangalore!

I really like the N900 because it’s a Linux based device. Well, there is Android, right? But Nokia actually does send it’s patches upstream and they invite you to get root on the device you own. Plus everything is pretty much standard. There is D-Bus, there GTK+, there is Python, there is Linux, … Hence, building and running stuff is pretty easy. I am looking forward to run my DNS Tunnel and DOOM and play around with the USB.

I am now busy playing with my new N900.

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