Monthly Archives: December 1999

25 December 1999

I made another release of Dia. This one should fix the bugs people reported just after the 0.82 release. You can now copy/paste image and bezier objects without dia crashing. I also added a new export dialog modeled after gimp’s save dialog. This also allows me to separate off export filters to plugins, which is […]

15 December 1999

I made my first release of dia as its new maintainer. It mostly seemed to go well. There are a few bugs that showed up after the release, so I will have to fix those. I guess we can get back to breaking things to add new features. Did not end up going diving on […]

9 December 1999

I got my uni results yesterday. I got good marks in both my computing and pure maths majors. I got invitation for honours year letters from both the maths and computer science departments. I will have to decide where I want to do honours. Apparently I got the highest score in the computer networks unit, […]

1 December 1999

Alexander Larsson handed over the job of maintainer of dia to me. He has done a great job so far, but did not have enough time to put into maintaining it. I have a few ideas for new features I want to work on. These include the scripting interface, object properties and printing changes. If […]