15 December 1999

I made my first release of dia as its new maintainer. It
mostly seemed to go well. There are a few bugs that showed
up after the release, so I will have to fix those. I guess
we can get back to breaking things to add new features.

Did not end up going diving on monday night, since it
felt like more work getting everything ready than we wanted
to do.

I commited the new GnomePaperSelector widget and
GnomeUnitSpinner widget to gnome-libs HEAD branch. As well
as looking nicer, it should be easier to use for people
using something other than points as the paper units.

Doing a bit more work on the glibwww based rpmfind code
in gnorpm. I think I am getting close to having the find
directory compiling correctly. Then I will have to check if
all my logic is correct and convert the rest of gnorpm
(which would be easier).