Monthly Archives: February 2000

19 February 2000

The river is still toxic. There were hardly any boats out on the river today. It is not surprising that there weren’t many small boats (you wouldn’t want to risk falling in), but there didn’t seem to be many larger boats either. Thought a bit about buying my own set of scuba gear. This will […]

16 February 2000

I finished integrating Lars’s properties patch into dia (after modifying it so that it uses the offsets code). Now you can group a number of lines and set their dash pattern (before, you would have to ungroup the lines and go to each individual properties dialog. There are a few missing features though. Undo on […]

14 February 2000

Went for a dive on saturday, around 7pm. Since the river is toxic at the moment (an algae bloom), we went to the wreck just off north mole. It seems that all the jellyfish from the river had gone out to the sea where we were diving. There were a few stinger jellyfish out there […]

8 February 2000

I hate the heat at this time of year. I got up to around 40 degrees celcius yesterday. The properties code in dia is working a bit. I switched the flowchart box object over to using properties, and it seems to be working fine. I also added properties code to the group object. You can […]

4 February 2000

Been working on the property code for dia I proposed a few months back. This should provide an easy way to construct the property dialogs for objects. Once I add support for it in the python scripting plug-in, we should suddenly have a lot more power in manipulating the diagrams programatically. One other thing to […]