14 February 2000

Went for a dive on saturday, around 7pm. Since the river
is toxic at the moment (an algae bloom), we went to the
wreck just off north mole. It seems that all the jellyfish
from the river had gone out to the sea where we were diving.
There were a few stinger jellyfish out there as well. They
were particularly annoying, as you couldn’t really see them
until they were about half a metre from you. I got to try
out my new dive light — it makes a big difference to what
you can see.

Was doing a bit of dia hacking on the weekend as well. I
implemented some convenience interfaces to make writing the
properties routines a bit easier. I also added some code to
help write the load/save routines of an object using the
properties interface. When the properties stuff is done, it
should make writing new objects a bit easier.