Monthly Archives: July 2000

31 July 2000

I should put out a new release of Dia soon. The next release will be the first release as an official part of the GNU project, which is pretty good. Lots of nice user interface improvements. Just one more feature before the release Over the weekend, we pulled through a few CAT5 cables in the […]

20 July 2000

I got my new notebook, and installed Linux on it. It is mostly working. The only real problem I have had is with resuming from a hibernate when I was in X. With X in 32-bit mode, the display gets garbled. With 16-bit mode, the whole machine locks up. Changing to another VT before hibernation […]

14 July 2000

Heard from another guy who has a Sony NEWS workstation who gave some interesting info about the problem we were having with our machine (it doesn’t boot). We had left the machine off for a while, and then it stopped booting. I had thought that the BIOS was dead or something, but it sounds like […]

13 July 2000

I saw the xmen movie on thursday (it was released a day earlier here, compared to the us). It was pretty good, and the ending looked like they are expecting a sequel or something. I finally got round to ordering the my laptop, so it should be in on monday. It is a Compaq Armarda […]

5 July 2000

I haven’t written anything here for a while. I went to a friend’s 21st birthday on friday, which was pretty good. The day after we went to a climbing gym. It was the first time I had gone this year, so I was a bit out of shape. I started working on the gtk+-2.0 based […]