5 July 2000

I haven’t written anything here for a while. I went to a
friend’s 21st birthday on friday, which was pretty good.
The day after we went to a climbing gym. It was the first
time I had gone this year, so I was a bit out of shape.

I started working on the gtk+-2.0 based pygtk. I wrote a
simple module gobject that encapsulates the base GObject
stuff. This also encapsulates the evil reference counting
stuff away from the rest of the pygtk stuff. I have done
wrappers for most of the Gdk types that have been converted
to GObjects, and generated the wrappers for GtkWindow and
GtkLabel to test out a few features. Interfacing with the
python-2.0 unicode strings didn’t require any extra code, as
using the “s” format character for PyArg_ParseTuple causes
the unicode string to be encoded in UTF8, which is what GTK
wants. So you can do GtkLabel(u’\u03A0\u03B1\u03BD\u8A9E’)
and have it do exactly what you would expect. Lets see you
do that in Tkinter 🙂