Monthly Archives: March 2002

25 March 2002

Did a bit more mail system hacking, and wrote a filter to get mailman to talk to SpamAssassin directly: This one asks spamd to score each message that is posted to a list. If the message goes above a particular score (configurable, default 10), it gets discarded. If it goes above another threshold (default […]

23 March 2002

Made new development releases of pygtk and gnome-python recently. The previous ones didn’t work with the gtk 2.0 release (trivial to fix up). Since the release, I have done some clean ups to its code generator. I have refactored it so that the 4 code paths used to generate wrappers for GObject, GInterface, GBoxed and […]

1 March 2002 Got asked to go on the paper review committee for next year’s This should be interesting. For people living in Europe, it should cut off about 5 hours flying time compared to the eastern states, so hopefully we will get some cool European hackers submitting papers. Conversely, flights from the US will most […]