23 March 2002

Made new development releases of pygtk and gnome-python
recently. The previous ones didn’t work with the gtk 2.0
release (trivial to fix up). Since the release, I have done
some clean ups to its code generator. I have refactored it
so that the 4 code paths used to generate wrappers for
GObject, GInterface, GBoxed and GPointer type classes are
now merged into one code path. This shortened the file by
500 lines, and should make it easier to add new features.
The previous layout was getting pretty hard to manage.

I have started using Spam Assassin
to tag incomming spam. As we have a mildly unusual mail
setup (postfix with Cyrus IMAP), I ended up writing my own
script to perform the spam checking. The result was a
script that could be called as a “deliver” script by postfix
for local delivery. The script would then pass the message
off to the spamd daemon for spam checking, then
pass the message on to the IMAP server via LMTP. The script
is probably useful for use with other mail servers
supporting LMTP. The script is attached to the following
bug report:


This has the benefit of only checking incomming mail, and
allowing postfix to handle outgoing and transit mail at full
speed as before. Next thing to try is adding spam checking
support to Mailman (as the local delivery program doesn’t
get called for messages sent to mailman). It should be
possible to set it up to reject messages above a certain
threshold, and hold messages at a lower threshold.

I wish I started looking at these tools earlier. Spam
volume has gone up sharply in the last 6 months, and shows
no sign of flattening out.