Monthly Archives: April 2002

30 April 2002

Menu Code I moved all my action based menu prototype code into libegg, which is becomming the prototype library hp proposed a while back. andersca might check in some of his new icon list widget soon, which will be good. GTK+ 2.4 should be very good (the 2.2 feature list has already been finalised; it […]

27 April 2002

Updated my Mailman patch to use some of the newer features in SpamAssassin 2.20. This includes showing which rules got triggered for messages that get held (this is the feature that required the 2.20), and the ability to give messages from list members a bonus when calculating the message score (so that they are less […]

5 April 2002

Looks like jdub is pushing to get my mailman patches put up on It will be interesting to see how they hold up under heavy volume. It is coded fairly defensively, so it shouldn’t cause mail lossage (unless you configure it to lose certain bits of mail), but I have no idea whether it […]