30 April 2002

Menu Code

I moved all my action based menu prototype code into libegg,
which is becomming the prototype library hp
proposed a while back. andersca might
check in some of his new icon list widget soon, which will
be good. GTK+ 2.4 should be very good (the 2.2 feature list
has already been finalised; it is basically 2.0 plus the
multihead patches, and should be available in a month or two).

My menu code should eventually provide menu merge
capabilities similar to the UI handler code in libbonoboui,
but not depending on any of the corba stuff. It should be
extensible enough so that it can be used by things like
bonobo. The aim being to allow gtk+ and gnome/bonobo
programs to use exactly the same menu code (rather than
having to rewrite portions of an app in order to port it to


Hopefully the Call for Papers should be released in a day
or two. Just a few last details to finalise. Note that the
conference website is at conf.linux.org.au at the
moment, due to the transient nature of .conf.au
domains. I hope to see everyone in Perth next January!


The Python bindings for GTK+ 2.0 are going pretty well.
The defs files are pretty much up to date with the 2.0 API,
so I have a fair idea of what needs to be done. After
finishing up a few of the remaining architectural issues, it
would be good to put out a 2.0 release. Not everything
needs to be wrapped, but I should reduce the number of
unwrapped functions.