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21 October 2002

Jury Duty (almost) Thursday, 17 October I received a letter, dated 16 October, saying that I have jury duty in 5 days (Tuesday). Rather than being held at the closer Perth District Court, it is to be held out at Fremantle The Weird thing is that it says that I should notify them at least […]


The client side of PyORBit should be pretty usable now. Marshalling and demarshalling of pretty much all types is working well. I ported most of test/everything/client.c to Python using PyORBit, which helped test the a lot of the code. I support pretty much all of the complex types pretty well (structures, unions, sequences, arrays, exceptions, […]

4 October 2002 Registrations are now open! PyORBit Fixed up handling of return values for all types. Now I need to look at the handling of arguments. The semantics of ORBit_small_invoke_stub are non trivial. Also fixed a bug in the marshalling of sequences to python types. Tracked down and fixed one of the typelib bugs. Turned out […]