The client side of PyORBit should be pretty usable now. Marshalling and demarshalling of pretty much all types is working well. I ported most of test/everything/client.c to Python using PyORBit, which helped test the a lot of the code.

I support pretty much all of the complex types pretty well (structures, unions, sequences, arrays, exceptions, anys).

I fixed the weird typelib bug (bug 94513), and checked the fix into both HEAD and gnome-2-0 branches of ORBit2 (haven’t had a release yet though). I need to look at porting the fix for bug 93928 back to the gnome-2-0 branch. I ran into some other bugs while working on the union support: bug 95581 and bug 95591. Hopefully I can get both of these resolved and a new ORBit2-2.4.x release put out.

As the client side of things is mostly working, I am tossing up on whether to port gnome-python over to using it. I should probably wait for a tarball release of ORBit2 though …