Monthly Archives: January 2003

Vera Fonts

freetype: I have a “beta” version of the Vera fonts, and they are in TrueType format. I think it is safe to assume the final version will also be in TrueType format. The Vera fonts are based on the Prima fonts if you want to see more samples. The copies I have display quite nicely […]

The second day of talks went well. That night we had the conference dinner which went pretty well. We continued the tradition of auctioning off a conference tshirt signed by all the speakers. This year’s tshirt was also signed by many of the people who attended the kernel summit at OLS. The winning bid was […]

Things have been going very well so far. Registration was a breeze (compared to last year). By having all the bags packed with the correct tshirt size and labeled with the person’s name, we could process each registration in less than a minute. We had some of the speakers giving out bags, which was nice. […]

The mini-conferences started today, and have been going pretty well. More of the speakers have arrived, and there will be even more tomorrow. Had take-away chinese down by the river for dinner tonight. jdub was lecturing the seagulls with a pair of chopsticks. They weren’t listenning. Probably the biggest news that has broken recently is […]

18 January 2003 Spent the day packing bags for the Linux conference. Stuffing cruft into 350 bags is more work than you would at first think … Good thing that there was a lot of people to help. Alan and Telsa got in today, and got tricked into helping out with the bag stuffing. I also put […]